Turkey Cupcakes: The Reality

Yes, I made these ridiculous looking turkey cupcakes. Luckily, taste doesn’t matter on social media because they honestly tasted like shit. Apparently caramel turkey skin isn’t so easy to bite into, but like I said, DON’T MATTER. When you really think about it, these turkey cupcakes are reflective of life. The real shit in your your life is secondary to the image you keep with the public via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other fucking opportunity you can get. The following stream of photos were staged to make these turkey cupcakes seem like flawless perfection.




The photos that you will never see are of me emerging from the kitchen covered in flour with melted caramel stuck in my hair, collapsing into the arms of my husband and screaming, “F*@$?!?!”<<<[Not really sure how to simulate” fuck” with symbols, not really sure if I care]. Again, I’m getting away from the point, which is that they looked GREAT and no one has to know the other things :wink, wink:.

If you are still interested in making these after reading my words of wisdom, here is a quick breakdown of the turkey cupcake:
*Skin- melted caramels
*Drumsticks- Pringle wheat sticks
*Lettuce- Corn flakes covered in melted icing that was dyed green
*Stuffing- Crushed cornflakes and icing

I found this design in the book, What’s New, Cupcake?, by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. It is a great Christmas gift for amateur bakers and the over-ambitious!!



2 thoughts on “Turkey Cupcakes: The Reality

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