New York Dog House: Astoria

The humble and dark exterior of the New York Dog House make it an easy place  to miss. The food, however, is far from forgettable. Their menu is filled with a variety of playful dishes but the hot dogs steal the show! Each dog is infused with unique flavors and topped with refreshingly, unexpected ingredients. Every bite of every dog is a party in your mouth (that’s what she said) and you will NOT want this party to end.

On our first trip to the New York Dog House I got the bangers and mash. This came with three different bare dogs and the parsnip-potato mash (which are to die for! ). It is a good sampler dish because you get to taste and compare the flavors of different dogs, but eating a bunless and toppingless dog isn’t too satisfying. It’s like sending a model down the runway naked.


After the bangers and mash experience, I was on a mission to get a signature dog! So on the next trip I opted for the luscious looking dog that you see pictured above, called the Far East. The dog filling is a blend of sweet Asian flavors that are offset by a sour pickled daikon topping. It is literally the perfect combination of flavors. So take this lesson from me folks: when in Rome eat Italian food and when in the Dog House get a hot dog!

Click here to be redirected to the New York Dog House site.


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