Lasagna Iwannaeatya Pan

There’s nothing that turns me on more than durable cookware. A deep dish that can handle lots of heat and hard banging is the key to my heart. Just thinking about all the potential banging makes me sweat a little.
I must have mentioned this once or twice before, because this year I received 3 different lasagna pans for Christmas. I love them all, but i must admit that I have a favorite and her name is Lasagna Iwannaeatya Pan. This purple, diamond studded beauty is two legs short of walking the runway with Ru Paul.


With the strength of a man and the fashion sense of a woman, Lasagna Iwannaeatya Pan is the apple of my eye and the drag queen of my cabinet. This sexy bitch is my new arm candy (Sorry, husband! ), and I can’t wait to show her ass the pleasures of a moist casserole.

Anybody know the number for the TLC show “Strange Sex”? I’m feeling qualified.

If you are interested in purchasing a sexy bitch of your own then check out 🙂


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