Chicken Soup for the Passive Aggressive Person’s Soul

Every day for the past eight years I have had the same conversation with my husband. It goes a little like this:

“Want _______ for dinner?”

“No, not really.”

No matter what meal is inserted into this daily conversation, “No” is always his response. He has not yet figured out that this question is completely rhetorical and what I’m really saying is, “This is what your having for dinner…and YA GONNA LIKE IT!”

Nevertheless, we have this discussion every day and today was no different. Around two o’clock I asked him, “Do you want chicken soup for dinner?”, and he responded with his usual reply of a prompt and definitive “No”. So I countered this with my usual response of ignoring his response and went to work on the soup.


I used a recipe that was featured in Better Homes and Gardens in December 2012. Did I mention that I hoard magazines? Well, suprise! I hoard magazines! Add that to my list of desirable personality traits. Anyway The actual name of this recipe is Chicken Pot Pie Soup but in our house we call it a Bowl O’Passive Aggression.


I followed this recipe almost exactly. The key word being almost. I had used the last of my chili powder on the damn , so I had to improvise a little. I did a quick google search for “chili powder substitutes” and found that cumin mixed with oregano makes a similar flavor. This was a great solution! I have cumin and oreg…? Shit, I didn’t have oregano either (womp, womp). So I improvised some more and decided that italian seasoning would work just fine. Oregano-Italian Seasoning. Tom8o-Tomotto. Same-Same.


This soup really bit me in the ass because I didn’t enjoy the curry flavor too much BUT my husband La-oved it! He was oooohing and aaaaahing. It was great. This sweet victory was enough to satisfy my hunger… No, not really, I’m starving.